Steetley Magnesite is an incredible site for anyone who is interested in the industrial side of photography and particularly urban dereliction. Originally built to produce magnesium, the site closed after two failed attempts to keep it running in 2005.The site can be accessed from two different locations. The first is to head towards the Headland and turn back on yourself at the first left which will lead along Old Cemetry Road and Steetley is at the end of that road. The other method is an old tunnel just off the Brus roundabout in the West View area of town which will take you to the bottom end of the site.Many parts of this site have now been demolished but any further demolition has been halted because the site is a habitat for nesting birds. The plan was to build 500 homes on the site but it currently stands still with no further development planned in the immediate future.The chimney is of course the focal point of this site, however, there are many outbuildings, labs and offices still standing on the site with paperwork from Britmag and CJC strewn amongst the rubble. Also, if you are to visit then the settling tanks of which there are about 10 still standing provide perfect ammunition for some stunning photographs.
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